School Lunch Ideas (Plant-based and Nut-free)

Jan 12, 2022 by

Does anyone else occasionally draw complete blanks when it comes to what to put in their kid’s lunchbox? If so, you’re not alone! I find it so helpful to see what other parents are packing for their children to eat, so I’ve created this list of what we regularly include in Roen’s kindergarten lunch (and snack for recess).

Since we are a vegan family, all the ideas below are plant-based. They are also nut-free, since schools in BC require this. I was wondering if I’d find it tricky to pack nut-free lunches (while also being animal-free), but it’s been fine! Roen doesn’t love peanut butter (like many kids seem to), but if she did, we’d try using tahini (ground up sesame seeds) or Wow Butter in things like jam sandwiches or baking.

We try to keep her meals whole food, plant-based for the most part, but aren’t opposed to treats and packaged foods here and there. Being five, her palate has narrow preferences, so the options below (especially in the mains category) aren’t extensive. Nonetheless, hope you find this post helpful! I’m sure I’ve forgotten some favourites, so will update this post when I have new ideas or when Roen has new preferences. Also, scroll below for pics!



Favourite cheese (or I should say…acceptable cheeses according to Roen)


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