Vegan Resources: Favourite Books, Documentaries, Videos, Podcasts and Website to Help Inform and Inspire on Your Vegan Journey

Every single day on Instagram and in real life, I hear from multiple people who are in the process of or who are interested in going vegan. Word really is getting out that plant-based living is best for our planet, our own health and, of course, the animals!! If you’re just diving into the topic and would like a place to start reading and watching, consider these short videos, documentaries, websites, books and recipe blogs to help gather evidence-based facts. We’ve whittled this list down and chosen the best of the best pieces of media so you can rest assured you’re getting good information that’s also easy to consume.

My top tip for going vegan is not a great cookbook or a list of favourite meat and dairy alternatives…it’s understanding “the why”. Learn what’s happening to animals and you will never want to support the meat and dairy industries again. You will be so motivated to find alternatives and make those diet changes, the transition will feel easy. You’ll be excited to find dairy-free creamer alternatives for your coffee, meaty veggie patties for burger night and vegan cheese that is just as salty and smooth as the cow version. There is a vegan alternatives to absolutely every animal products. I promise…you will never regret going vegan. If you’re like me, you’ll only wish you’d done it sooner!

This list was originally created by my friend Zach of The Juice Truck, who would send it to friends and fam looking for info and inspo. I’ve added to it and will continue to add as new awesome content becomes available. If you have any suggestions please email me (erin at itstodiefor dot ca).


Dairy is Scary

James Aspey – Wake up Call

Dr. Melanie Joy – The Secret Reason We Eat Meat

We Animals – Family Dairy

Earthling Ed – You Will Never Look At Your Life The Same Way Again

What’s Wrong With EggsGary Yourofsky – The Most Important Spech You Will Ever Hear 

Damian Mander – Modern Warrior

Plant Based News – Vegan 2018

Erin Ireland – Is There a Bias In Our Food Media?


VegNews Magazine

Cowspiracy Facts

Vegan Starter Kit


Plant Based News

Plant Proof

People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals

Mercy For AnimalsChallenge 22

Vegan Health (Pregnancy, Infants & Children)


Eating right can save the world

Veganism can save the environment 

Avoiding meat and dairy single biggest way to reduce your impact on the earthThe rise of veganism

Why your business should go vegan 



 The Game Changers

What The Health

Eating You Alive



The Cove



Food Matters

Forks Over Knives

The End of Meat

Eating Animals

The Ghosts In Our Machine

Speciesism, The Movie



The Rich Roll PodcastNo Meat Athlete RadioPlant ProofGeneration V Podcast with Nimai DelgadoThe ChickpeepsDeliciously Ella: The PodcastThe Live Planted PodcastOur Hen HousePodship: EarthRecommended EpisodesRich Roll with Dr. Neal Barnard – On the power of nutrition to prevent and reverse heart disease, diabetes and alzheimer’s Rich Roll with Garth Davis – Our misplaced obsession with proteinRich Roll with Dr. Melanie Joy – On going beyond carnism: why we love dogs, eat pigs and wear cowsPlant Proof featuring Dr. Michael Greger – On how to avoid heart disease with healthy nutritionRich Roll with Bruce Friedrich – On innovating the future of foodRich Roll with Nathan Runkle – The power of compassion to make a differenceRich Roll with Nimai Delgado – On vegan gains, training pains and changing the gameRich Roll with Dotsie Bausch- On defying age and championing compassionYoga Girl with James Aspey – Peace, Love and VeganismThe Ezra Klein Show with Bruce Friedrich – How technology will reduce animal suffering


Project Animal FarmHow Not to DieThe China StudyIshmaelEating Animals
Diet For A New AmericaBeyond BeliefsWhy we Love Dogs, Eat Pigs and Wear CowsMercy For AnimalsFinding UltraAnimal Liberation by Peter SingerProteinaholicEternal TreblinkaThe World Peace DietThe Animal Rights DebateEat Like You CareHow To Create A Vegan World

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Cookbooks & Recipe Blogs

My favourite are starred. Is your favourite not on this list? Let me know!CookbooksThe Art of Plant-Based CheesemakingBosh!Chloe FlavorEveryday Cooking by Minimalist BakerThe First Mess*The Homemade Vegan PantryHot for Food Vegan Comfort Classics*Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking by Dana ShultzMy New RootsOh She Glows by Angela LiddonPlantLabThe Plant Power WayThe Plant Power ItaliaPlant Powered Families by Dreena BurtonRaw Food/Real WorldRaw. Vegan. Not Gross.Rawsome Vegan Baking by Emily Von Euw*Smith and DaughtersThrive Energy CookbookThe Thrive DietThrive Energy CookbookThis Cheese is NutsThug KitchenVegan 100Vegan For Everybody by America’s Test KitchenVeganomiconThe Wicked Healthy CookbookRecipe BlogsBosh!*Hot For Food*Minimalist Baker*This Rawsome Vegan Life*Vegan Richa’s Everyday Kitchen